2013: On the Verge of Photography, Imaging, Mobile Art, Humans and Computers 

Johnny Golding: After the Dark Room: Ana-materialism and the sensuous fractalities of speed & light (or does the image still speak a thousand words?)

In my world, there have been at least three types of darkroom: (1) the laboratory, with its chemical baths and dull-orange exposure; (2) the backroom ...

Rob Coley, Dean Lockwood & Adam Omeara: Refraining Photography for a Post-Media Era

This paper is related to work in process on a film-essay and web-supported book, Photography in the Middle: Experiments with Media Aesthetics and Ecol ...

Mark Martinez: Diagramming Lines of Nonhuman Flight: the radical epistemological nature of photography in Human Factors Research

The human desire to understand the "proper" or best relationship between a human being and a tool is ancient, as is the tendency to record that relati ...

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