Buy: Zetesis Vol.1 No.1

Buy: Zetesis Vol.1 No.1

2013-10-25 Recent

Zetesis: research generated by curiosity

Executive Editor: Johnny Golding, Director, Centre for Fine Art Research (CFAR)

The Paradoxical Economy of Crisis | Mattia Paganelli
The 9th technology of otherness | Johnny Golding
Discourse in a Coma | Daniel Rubinstein
Tape Plays Teletribunals | Lynn Turner
Becoming Gay | Norbert Finzsch
All About My Mother's Shame | Henry Rogers
Echostate | Stephen Kennedy
A Paradoxical Architecture | Hannah Lammin
Mimetic Rationality | Mark Walker
Intimate Strategies | Perry Zurn
She-Wolf | Sarah Mann O'Donnell
Jennuflectings II | Virgil Bower
Designating Atonal Rhythms | Sheena Calvert & Joseph Bisat Marshall

With this debut volume of Zetesis, the artists, philosophers, designers, technicians and scientists involved with this project and committed to an 'old fashioned' kind of research – that which is generated by a curiosity and deep commitment to know (the whatever) – declare a new Daybreak.

It is one that intends to take as a given, complexity and the irrational/imaginary in art and the sciences, physics and metaphysics, culture and its economies, skin and the pleasures of the flesh. It steps to the atonal rhythms of the mimetic patterns of camouflage and the flâneur. It aligns itself with the history of those who were (and remain) willing to ask and act upon this basic question: Supposing it could be otherwise, what would this otherwise look like, become, be, now?

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