Enclosed in Time

Enclosed in Time

2015-06-10 Archive

Enclosed In Time

Roman Malinowski, Miroslaw Malinowski and Anna Malinowska

Room B.01, Birmingham School of Art, Margaret Street, Birmingham

Private View 5-30-8pm, June 11th 2015

Exhibition open 12-5 pm, Friday June 12th

10-5pm, Monday June 15th-21st June

Speaking of nothing of love nor reproaches / Remembering nothing,
harbouring no ghosts / saving us nothing at all but raspberries.

-From Wild Raspberries by John Fuller

In Poland Malinowski is a relatively common name. It is thought to come
from Malina, a place where raspberries were cultivated. It¹s perhaps
appropriate that this exhibition takes place in the fruit growing season,
as the paintings on display share some of the brevity and delicacy of
summer fruits.

The Malinowski¹s are a family of Polish artists living in Birmingham. This
is the first time they have exhibited their work together. Of course
there¹s a long history of painter¹s families, most notably the Brueghel
family, through to the Picasso's, Pissarro's, Klein's, Francken's,
Duchamp's and Boyle's. But it is the strange landscapes of the Montmartre
painter Maurice Utrillo, the artist son of Suzanne Valadon, that this show
most resembles, hallucinatory and compelling.

This is an exhibition of abstract and figurative paintings concerned with
memory and the passing of time that looks at the relationship between
photography and painting, familial influences, East European art,
spirituality, portraiture and the question of painting itself.


Roman Malinowski is currently a Fine Art student at Birmingham City

Miroslaw Malinowski was born in 1957 and studied at Wroclaw Academy of
Fine Art in Poland from 1977 ­ 1982. He then worked as lecturer at that
university. Over the last 25 years Miroslaw has exhibited in various
exhibitions across Europe and has taken on large scale commissions. The
work has diversified across a wide range of skills, from the fine arts
such as paintings and vast murals to most of the graphic art, including
advertising and interiors design.

Anna Malinowska was born in 1957. She studied in Wroclaw Academy of Fine
Art in Poland from 1977 ­ 1985. She specialises in painting, sculpture and
graphics. She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions across Europe.

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