New on ARTicle Press: Parasite

New on ARTicle Press: Parasite

2014-06-05 ARTicle Press

PARASITE n. a hanger-on or sycophant who frequents another’s table: one who lives at the expense of society or of others & contributes nothing: an organism that lives in or on another organism and derives subsistence from it without rendering it any service in return: in literary but not scientific use extended to an epiphyte. PARARASITIC adj. of the nature of, caused by, or like, a parasite. PARASITISM n. the act or practice of being a parasite.

[Chambers, ed.7., (1988) Chambers English Dictionary, Cambridge; W & R Chambers Ltd and Cambridge University Press, p.1048] 

Final year students studying BA Art & Design at Birmingham City University recently moved sites to be joined alongside the Fine Art & MA students at Margaret St. As a result of our relocation, we have become parasites to the building, feeding from our host, Margaret.

Parasites are often perceived as negative organisms which derive nutrients at the expense of the host in order to survive, but in fact, many parasites do not kill their host and many species form a symbiotic relationship and come to co-evolve to survive. Some parasitic species coevolve with its host to the point that the parasite’s absence causes the host harm.

Art & Design at BCU is a multi-dimension course, and as individual artists and designers, we have each created our own brief to explore the strengths of our individual practices. 

Continuing on from our successful exhibition and publication Tamed with a Smile, June 2013, students wanted to work together to publish a collection of our latest work which shows our connection to the new site where we are based. Individually our own practices follow the parallels of parasitism, each unique take on a different media is a parasite to the wider world of Art & Design.

The first chapter of this book demonstrates how some of the work by the interdisciplinary artists studying in their final year on the Art & Design course have used Margaret as its host, and the second chapter of the book continues to explore our individual practices and how we have become parasites to the broader realm of art & design.

Available to purchase here:

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