Chris Hodson, 2012

Chris Hodson, 2012

2013-09-09 Talks

Christopher Hodson is an artist within whose practice disparate elements collide, allowing him to take on the role of; artist, scientist, stage magician and alchemist.

Aspects of; Space, technology, landscape, current & antiquated science, time and dimension are explored through a range of materials and processes allowing ideas to react and combine. The work takes on the form of sculpture, installation and video and is the resulting precipitate of experiments with materials, processes and contexts.

Extract from GONGOOZLER (Grand Union, Digbeth) list of works (Written by Juneau Projects);

Christopher Hodson's practice utilises the realms of science and space exploration to create work that ponders the amateur enthusiast's relationship to the unfathomable.

'Spacesuit' is a D.I.Y. astronaut's outfit. A humble white boiler suit has been customised and embroidered by the artist to create a costume that Hodson intended to wear while attending the 51st Session of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space but, due to conference safety regulations, was unable to do so.

'Harlequin-1' documents the artist's doomed attempt to build a space probe. While at first appearing to be a feasible proposition the work reveals details such as the parachute made from an umbrella's fabric, that belie the probe's functionality.


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