Keir Williams, 2012

Keir Williams, 2012

2013-09-09 Talks

Keir Williams is an artist and researcher based in London. His individual arts practice is concerned with how creative digital tools effect and can be enacted using the performing body. As part of his practice he works with young people to create video and performance pieces.

Keir wiliams also collaborates with artist Chris Poolman as a performance-orientated duo. Their interest is in how humour, failure and a total lack of acting ability can be used as a performance strategy. Recent work includes a conference paper on Tourette's Syndrome and preparation for a performance night centred on a search for the punchline to the following joke: What is the difference between Bruce Nauman's Walking in an Exaggerated Manner Around the Perimeter of a Square and Monty Python's The Ministry of Silly Walks? chris+keir also run monthly family workshops at the ICA; if you're not between 5 and 11, you're not coming in. 

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