Elly Clarke, 2013

Elly Clarke, 2013

2013-09-09 Talks

As an artist and curator, I am interested in the impact of networks, mobility and communication technology upon our relationships - with ourselves, other people and the environment, and upon our concept of history and the ways in which histories are learned and re/presented. My research focuses on the ways we interact and on the influence of the online on the offline, mobility upon stillness and mobile communication upon conversation and the place of the physical body/object in our increasingly digitally mediated world and the distancing effect of the screen.

Much of my work is collaborative and participatory, with conversation often at its core –at once the medium and the product. Over the past decade I have produced several participatory projects that have demanded close interaction with very different groups of people including my East London Council Estate neighbours (The Broadway House Photo Project); passengers on the Trans Siberian Train (Moscow to Beijing); businesses, religious and community groups in Birmingham (FRAME_); owners of portraits by a Victorian portrait artist (The George Richmond Portrait Project); my local art/queer community in Berlin (Clarke Gallery) and former employees of Birmingham's Municipal Bank (Half Crowns in their Petticoats). I work with photography (analogue & digital, mobile phones and screen-grabs), video, performance, drawing, slide shows, music, writing, participatory, web-based, selling and curatorial intervention. As a photographer, I'm interested in the role the analogue to digital shift in photography plays upon the interpretation of the present and the past, as well as the personal archive of the future - and upon language.


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