Podcast: Week 1 Enlightenment as 'Exit'

2013-05-21 MA Media Arts Philosophy Practice Term 1 2012/13

Lecture/Seminar: Knowing when, how, and most important, that one can do so. Sapere
Aude (Dare to Know...)

1. In what way(s) is doubt a feature of conviction (or not)? In what way(s) does this
(doubt) establish a ‘limit’ (and where is this ‘limit’)?
2. How is a limit important to (a) identity; (b) consciousness (especially if, as
Nietzsche claimed above, consciousness is ‘a surface’); (c) the autonomy (and
as Kant would call it, the ‘radical autonomy’, of an individual?
3. In what way does a limit create = difference?

1. Foucault, ‘What is Enlightenment?’ alongside Kant’s “An answer to the
question: What is the Enlightenment? (1784)
2. Hannah Arendt, The Rise of Cartesian Doubt, in her The Human Condition,
intro by Margaret Canovan (University of Chicago Press:, 1998 [1958], pp. 273-
3. D. Banach, Important Arguments from Descartes’ Meditations On Doubt at

Course Link: http://www.bcu.ac.uk/biad/courses/media-arts-philosophy-practice

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