Podcast: Week 3 Consciousness, Ethics, Secrets

2013-05-21 MA Media Arts Philosophy Practice Term 1 2012/13

Lecture/Seminar: Lyotard suggests: “A person who does not know how to hide, does not
know how to love (Libidinal Economy, intro); Kierkegaard argues that trembling and
‘compelling’ are related, and indeed essential for both ‘faith’ and ‘art’. Let’s explore their
link, especially in relation to concealment, secrets.

1. Where would ethics, decision-making, and faith come into play in your own work?
2. If the secret/ the concealing is ‘objective’ does that make it more ethical or less so?
3. Is this ‘secret’ a political move, an aesthetic move, self-preservation? Or all three?

Soren Kierkegaard: “Was it ethically defensible for Abraham to conceal his purpose from Sarah, from Eleazar, from Isaac?”in his Fear and Trembling pp. 109- 45.
Jacques Derrida, “Whom to Give To [knowing not to know),” in his The Gift of Death, pp. 53- 81.

Course Link: http://www.bcu.ac.uk/biad/courses/media-arts-philosophy-practice

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