Podcast: Week 5 Diving into the Dialectic Part II (via Hegel, head first) and Essay Questions

2013-05-21 MA Media Arts Philosophy Practice Term 1 2012/13

Lecture/Seminar: We’ve got the ‘this’, now where is the ‘there’? Thinking about form, space, content, object. Lecture by Daniel Rubinstein.

1. What is an object? Is an object ‘objective’? (!)
2. In what way(s) does negation help to clarify the first set of questions above? Why /
how does it (negative) link or turn into ‘becoming’/immanence?

1. GWF Hegel, The Phenomenology of Spirit: Please concentrate on the following
fragments: From “B. Self-Consciousness, pp. 104-38, sections: 166-76;
2. GWF Hegel, The Phenomenology, sections 360, 367-75.
3. [optional]: S Golding, “Setting the Problem,” in Gramsci’s Democratic Theory, pp.

Course LinK: http://www.bcu.ac.uk/biad/courses/media-arts-philosophy-practice

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