Podcast: Week 8 Negative Dialectics Groundless Grounds & The Logic of Disintegration

2013-05-21 MA Media Arts Philosophy Practice Term 1 2012/13

Lecture/Seminar: Focus on Adorno’s The Ontological Need and The Child’s Question (of ‘why’). Relationship between a logic of disintegration and the ‘indissoluble something’.

1. What is the problem with the ‘Why Question’?
2. Why do aesthetics (and ethics) require a relation between a logic of disintegration
and a logic of excess? What does ‘logic’ mean here?
3. Why is this linked to the sexual?

1. Adorno, Negative Dialectics [selections, Part I], pp. 61-96; Negative Dialectics,
pp. 97-131; Negative Dialectics [selections, Part II], pp. 135-207
2. Optional: Freud, A Child is Being Beaten in Case Histories II, pp. 33-116;
3. Optional: Susan Buck-Morse, “A logic of Disintegration: The Role of the Subject,”
[chapter 5], in her The Origin of Negative Dialectics, pp. 82-95

Course Link: http://www.bcu.ac.uk/biad/courses/media-arts-philosophy-practice

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