Podcast: Week 3 Rhizomes and Refrains Difference making a difference. Rhizomes and Refrains (post-­‐modern algorithms)

2013-05-21 MA Media Arts Philosophy Practice Term 2 2012/13

Seminar Considerations: Here we will wrestle with the ‘is’ as that intersection/ expression of a plane (surface) of movement and repetition with Mattia Paganelli.

1. Deleuze & Guattari, “Introduction: Rhizome,” p. 3-­‐24. and “1837: of the Refrain, pp. 342-­‐386, in their Thousand Plateaus, (Univ of Minnesota Press). http://danm.ucsc.edu/~dustin/library/deleuzeguattarirhizome.pdf ; https://cdn.anonfiles.com/1353710068372.pdf (pdf of entire book will be online).
2. (Optional) Deleuze & Guattari, “The Question, then” in What is Philosophy? Translated by Graham Burchell and Hugh Tomlinson
3. (Optional) Golding, S. Fractal Philosophy (and the small matter of learning how to listen): Attunement as the Task of Art in S. O’Sullivan and S. Zepke Deleuze and Contemporary Art, (Univ Edinburgh Press: 2010).

Course Link: http://www.bcu.ac.uk/biad/courses/media-arts-philosophy-practice

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