Shadow Operators

Shadow Operators

2015-03-26 Maggie Roberts

Shadow Operators.   30 minute HD video  2014

'Shadow Operators' is a sensory cross-talk (textual and spoken) of signals from realms beyond the physical, a succession of becomings mimetic, contagious and machinic. These intensities carry the sorcerous forces that technology and science unleash as they delve further into the quantum, the chaotic and the abstract. It is a synaesthetic, chromophonic work where trembling textures respond to the immersive soundscape. (Sub bass may not be audible, depending on your speakers). Collage imagery is embedded in the flow, reflections on 21st century hyperstitions. Suspension, overproximity, over exposure are my tactics with which to dismantle the focused gaze. The liquid canvas conveys a space of infinite possibility and intensity, both a turbulent ocean and virtual entity. The work maps devices that operate between the finite and the infinite, the complex and the linear. Hyperstition is driven by speculation, trends and hype cycles that are culturally producing apocalypse. The Mechanosphere, the Anthropocene - the pace of technological and socio-economic change has amplified speculation as to where history is taking us. Accelerated superstitions have very real consequences. Technology has revealed the immense and un-human time-scales of cosmic, geological and biological evolution, the existence of dark materials and energies, existence of further dimensions, the very mechanisms of matter and life. The ocean, filmed in myriad states of turbulence, then heavily and cumulatively effected, forms an abstract medium in which to embed these influences. My over all intention with this piece, is to conjure an intense beauty with toxic reverberations that produces future shock and yearning for immersion in the viewer.

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