Another Dimension

Another Dimension

2015-03-26 Maggie Roberts

Another Dimension    Exhibition, Works on Paper,  2014


The Casamento Showroom presents the second in a series of exhibitions exploring unusual harmonies between furniture and fine art. 


The theory is that when furniture and art are thoughtfully curated in a space,  a further dimension... another element of creativity... emerges.  Artist Mer Roberts  presents mixed media and photographic collage from the ongoing series Connections To An Untethered Future. Her work explores global concerns with survival and the unknown by engaging  with the liminal and irrational - fictions of mutation and futurism. She is dedicated to evolutionary fever dreams, to experimental realities, weaving space and matter into fluid configurations that are essentially science-fictional. Science fiction is produced out of cultural necessity- a medium that inhabits prediction and flux, resisting definition and containment.




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