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2012-12-12 Françoise Dupré

Françoise Dupré’s ongoing studio practice-led research aims to open up and argue for new cultural and aesthetic contexts that are at the intersection of textiles and sculpture, the local and the transnational, the domestic and the public. This is achieved through the making of hybrid objects and ephemeral installations that explore the concepts of ‘art making in the everyday’ (Michel de Certeau, 1980), ‘making special’, ‘joie de faire’ (Ellen Dissanayake, 1995). Dupré has developed an artistic approach that combines an individual practice of creating and exhibiting objects and installations and an ethical collaborative-participatory model of art in the public sphere. Dupré’s collaborative-participatory projects have been brought together under the research project here and there (2003-2013).

Two notions underpin her practice. The first one is the perfomative quality of stitching and looping and their contribution to the process of identity formation (Joanna Turney, 2009). The second one is the transformation of space through ornament and ‘crafting of space’ (Sandra Alfody & Janice Helland, 2008). Dupré’s research is informed by feminist and post-colonial theories and post-modern thinking about site specificity; engagement with and response to places, situations and contexts; dialogues and collaboration with individuals and communities. (Claire Bishop, 2012, Grant H. kester, 2004,) Dupré’s research contributes to knowledge about the status and role of stitching and looping in the expending field of sculpture/ installation, within a feminist art practice and in the context of textile transnationality. here and there research project has contributed to contemporary debates about Social Practice, community participation, art as a tool for social change and the role of the artist in our 21st century society. And to the development of contemporary thinking about the ethical and social dimension of the aesthetic experience and the re-thinking of aesthetics and politics (Rancière, 2008).

Selected Exhibitions

AOI solo exhibition, [la vitrine], Paris, France (10/11/2012- 03/01/2013)

étoile (star) solo exhibition, The Gallery, Idea Store Whitechapel London, UK (03/08/2012- 02/09/2011)

autre mers (other seas), solo exhibition, Women’s Library, Great Hall, London Metropolitan University, London, UK (25/06/2011-01/10/)
Spirals, solo exhibition, Lion Brand Yarn Studio, New York, USA (01/05/2011-31/ 07/2011)

Solo exhibition: Mille-fleurs, Cejvan Cehaja Hamam, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (22-29/07/2009)

Group exhibitions

Mailles, art en laine, group exhibition, La Maison du Danemark, Paris, France (18/10/2011- 20/11/2012

Sacha Craddock’s Curated Selection


flowers (bonnes mamans) and Stripes and flowers, for new Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, Vital Arts (Barts and The London NHS Trust)

spiral (1) and spiral (2), Paintings in Hospitals Loan Collection, UK
spirals, for The Barkantine, Barts & The London NHS Trust, Isle of Dogs, London, UK

Collaborative-participatory Projects

Brixton Calling, an archiving and community project based at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, London. The project connected contemporary Brixton to its past - through exploring the history of the late Brixton Art Gallery & Artists Collective in the 1980s.

OUVRAGE [uvra:ž] , a here and there project. A residency and collaborative-participatory project and exhibitions in collaboration with the French Cultural Centre and Novi Pogled, Mostar. Bosnia and Herzegovina

exotic mk, a here and there project. A participatory art project and a temporary public artwork commissioned by Milton Keynes Gallery’s Offsite Education Programme. wWth Age Concern Milton Keynes, Mind, and Healthy Life Style Project

Project : sebilj. Birmingham-based trans-national collaborative public art community project referencing the functionality of ornament and its transformative quality on architectural space. With artist Dr Myfanwy Johns, architect Sabima Fazlic. (11/11/2007- 20/06/2008)

Selected Publications


Brixton Calling! A5 25 page publication (ISBN: 978-1-902770-13-0), co editors: Françoise Dupré and Guy Burch
autres mers (other seas), a A5 8 page exhibition booklet with key text by editor Dr Jessica Hemming, ISBN number: 978-1-902770-12-3.

exotic mk A5 8 page exhibition booklet, Milton Keynes Gallery, editor
OUVRAGE [uvra:ž] A5 8 page project booklet, editor

Making Stuff, commissioned online article, Summer/Autumn Dialogue journal, Axis,
Project B: sebilj 8 page 15cm x 30cm booklet, editor

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