Horst – transitional object no.6, part of Love Zoo

Horst – transitional object no.6, part of Love Zoo

2013-01-30 Jivan Astfalck

In Love Zoo, transitional objects no.1 – no. 26, I explore the dynamic of placing ‘made-again’ pieces of traditional jewellery onto early 1960s Steiff (German company producing soft toys since 1880) animals. The jewellery has been made and found, or both, especially to suit the character of the soft toy animals, which have been collected over a period of three years and had at least two previous owners. These animals have been chosen because they are exquisitely made, have ‘collector’s value’ in their own right and refer to the autobiographical aspect of the work. Their cute pre-Disney nostalgic quality replaces the traditional display prop and re-configures the objects, offering reflection on the sentimental and emotional investment, which jewellery and transitional love objects share.

“A work of jewellery is not only a valuable object in terms of its craft, beauty and materially quantifiable worth – all of which might be translated as ‘proper’ values – proper in the sense of belonging to the object itself, objectively as its own properties. Within narrative jewellery the object is acknowledged, and in fact embraced, as an object of non-proper values – of values, which find their source in emotional and psychological investments.” Bernice Donszelmann, in Love Zoo, exhibition catalogue, BIAD, 2005

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