Profile: Mark Walker

Profile: Mark Walker

2013-02-06 Mark Walker

Hopefully, eventually, I will publish a book on Adornonian aesthetic theory (Supplemental to my PhD thesis). To that end my research to date, although in some sense very broad is in another sense is quite particular, concentrating on understanding those (to my mind) important nuances within, for example, German philosophy (the main influences on Adorno’s thinking) that maybe get glossed over in more generalist accounts. Again, for example, many students of the philosopher Hegel understand the concept of ‘determinate negation’ (basically stating what something ‘is‘) but what they don’t usually get to see and understanding is that what gets translated as ‘determinate negation’ is in Hegel a combination of three Concepts, ‘Bestimmung, Bestimmtheit, and Beschaffenheit. Together these form a process or way of thinking and an understanding that seems to be slightly glossed in the English ‘determinate negation’ (‘Bestimmung‘ for example has visible within it the word ‘Stimme’ which, to quote J F Lyotard, ‘…evokes the accord of voices, and a mood of a soul (Stimmung) and the beginning of its detemination as destination (Bestimmung).’ What this short example is set to lend itself too is an explanation of the way Adorno tries to reconcile Aesthetics as something both autonomous and sovereign. I hope the above says something about the general tenor and direction of my research.

Selected Publications

M. Walker, “Attunement: Adorno’s Negative Affinity,” in the Issues in Contemporary Culture and Aesthetics, Vol. 1, Number 1, (London: Nerve, Ltd. May 2005), pp. 33-38. ISBN 0-9550037-0-9.
M. Walker, “Adorno, Art and Aesthetics: a Fragment of an Analysis,” in the Issues in Contemporary Culture and Aesthetics, Vol. 2&3, (London: The Authors and Nerve, Ltd. 2009), pp. 133-142. ISBN 0-9550037-2-5.
“Meanwhile…,” five frames of 123 photographs of original paintings (mixed media) in Group Show: “Coincidental Ignorance”, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, February 21-26, 2005.
“Unlock the Secrets of Yemen; Oxytocin; Mountain Girl,” on newsprint mixed media. Group Show: coinciding with the launch of the Issues, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, May16, 2005.
“Drawings and Paintings”, mixed media. Group Show: “The Art of Nano-Boxing,” Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich May 22-27, 2006.
“Which Way is Up”, paint/mixed media. Group Show: “States of Exception,” Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, 29 May, 2009.

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