Profile: Dane Worrallo

Profile: Dane Worrallo

2013-01-30 Dane Worrallo

Dane J Worrallo is a researcher and practicing artist in the areas of fine art, philosophy, mathematics and physics. He is primarily concerned with the role of algorithmic undecidability and "real-time" systems as the means through which alternative methodologies of sense, thought and positionality can be developed within the context of post-relativity, uncertainty and the logic of incomplete consistency;  also, why it is that artistic practices play a fundamental part in such discourses and how artworks that utilise an immaterial or systems-based medium operate in traditional exhibition settings and the possibilities of new kinds of interactivity and meaning that emerges from practicing art in this way. Networks connect users and ideas to one another; the nodes therein are not isolated, they depend on the ties that bind them to that which are similar and different, and his work manifests itself though a number of different mediums to reveal simultaneous states, emerging complexity and immaterial ambiguity all at play.

One of his ongoing project's since 2012 has been to review a science-fiction film each week, to look at how visions of the future are realised, and how they evolve and change over time, countries and politics (all reviews can be found at the blog linked below)

Dane Worrallo is currently the CFAR research assistant, and the research arts editor for ARTicle Press and the research journal Zetesis, alongside a course tutor on the MA "Contemporary Philosophy and Aesthetics" and "Untimely Meditations" modules at CFAR.

SelecetEd GROUP Exhibitions


Pulpa (RK Burt Gallery, London)


Who Punched the Unicorn? (Birmingham School of Art)

STATE OF ENCOUNTER (Crescent Theatre, Birmingham)


Second Star to the Right (TROVE Gallery, Birmingham)

FutureNow (Birmingham School of Art)


2015 - Hybrid Practices in the Arts, Science and technology from the 1960s to Today (Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, Kansas) (Paper: Is There an Object in the Telematic Embrace? An Examination of the Artist's Toolkit in Systems-Based Practices)

2014 - Twice Upon A Time: Magic, Alchemy and the Transubstantiation of the Senses (Birmingham School of Art) (Paper: Generating the Life Impulse: The Artificer's/Alchemist's/Artist's Task)


2014 - "At Every Given Moment" in Zetesis vol. 1 no.2 (ARTicle Press: Birmingham)


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