2013-01-30 Dane Worrallo

Combining computing code terminology and concrete aesthetics with a digital display of form, "PROCEDURE SPHERE [BAD CODE]" is an installation that makes use of both physical and digital modes of reception: The text that is fixed to the wall references elements of computer code and programming language, which though typically formal and deterministic in nature, is here used informally, allowing double meanings, wordplay and ambiguities to arise within the lines of code. The hand-cut letters reveal a physicality of the language which changes the structure of the language in a subversive, but very slight way.

Alongside this, a video that shows an ever-changing form runs at a parallel to the text; specific sequences in the video can be "read" in the text, and allow the work to be re-evaluated across these two mediums. The video evokes notions of destruction, rebirth and transcendence, which flows seamlessly in this polished digital environment.

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