Part of the Equation

Part of the Equation

2016-02-19 Andrea Jespersen

Part RoomTwo1

The solo exhibition part of the equation centred around how conceptual
deliberations and the aesthetic handmade can coexist to mutual benefit. There
is a deliberate appreciation, that the time-consuming handmade brings mindful
thinking to the conceptual table. An embroidery ring is morphed into geometric
heavy steel shapes and large fiber based black and white photographs have
been draped into sculptural spheres.

Part RoomOne1a

There is no revolution in sight, rather perhaps a utopian wish to flatten the
hierarchy of knowledge – to build bridges, especially to those fields with missing
academic labels. The knowledge of craftswomen, like the glassmaker or
patchwork seamstress, are present in the exhibited works on equal footing to the
cerebral pursuits of academia that the photographs mirror or the curiosity-driven
science like physics and neuroscience that seep into the titles.

Part RoomTwo7


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