Mind Circles

Mind Circles

2016-02-22 Andrea Jespersen

Mind Circles
BALTIC's project space


Mind Circles was a solo project that collaborated with the previously realised
exhibition Human Silver Halo — it was a laboratory, where artworks were in flux
during the exhibition. The lab’s ‘raw’ materials consisted of twelve large-scale
(130cm x 180cm) analogue handmade photographs, a 16mm silent film, red ink,
geometric objects and a couple of cross-disciplinary talks.

The physical origin is the Medical Museion in Copenhagen, housed in a building
the Danish King had built for his surgeons in 1787. The exhibited artworks were
derived through conceptual deliberations that embrace the intricate and

At the beginning there were twelve human-sized photographs pinned to the
walls. Throughout the exhibition several photographs were made into objects.
Individually, a photograph was removed from the wall, rolled up and soaked in
water. The wet photograph was then shaped and left to dry over a geometric
object; for example, a large sphere.

Two cross-disciplinary specialists visited the exhibition to further explore
representations of knowledge. Maia Angelova, Professor of Mathematical
Physics shared her specialist knowledge on symmetry and Dr Cristiana Cavina
Pratesi, Research Fellow in Psychology talked about the brain. Both events were
informal talks where the speakers had been requested to use objects instead of
the ubiquitous digital images that their fields generally rely on. During the talks,
inspired by Maia and Cristiana and seated next to them, Andrea drew on one of
the photographs that had been placed on a large table.


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