Other Spaces

2013-10-06 Jo Longhurst

Other Spaces is a collection of artworks including photographs, sculptural installations and projections, video, and performance. 2008 - ongoing

Other Spaces develops Longhurst's interest in ideas of Perfection. The works explore the physical and emotional experiences of elite gymnasts in training and competition. As with her dog project, Longhurst's work with gymnasts involves spectacle, competition and ideas of excellence. In A-Z she focuses on elements of pose and performance. The work appropriates professional sports photographs made over the past 100 years, which depict iconic moves named after the gymnasts who invented them. Working with these images she question how the most successful gymnasts often become representatives of ideologies and nations, and how this relates to the social and political construction of the Ideal. Longhurst also works with original photographic source material - studies made as visiting artist at elite gymnastics clubs and at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships - to create hybrid works inspired by Plato's Perfect solids, and Liubov Popova & Aleksandr Rodchenko's revolutionary experiments with aesthetic forms. Longhurst's new works reference earlier attempts to define and create Perfect worlds.


Jo Longhurst in conversation with Sarah Knelman at Other Spaces, Mostyn.

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