Sport, Sport, Sport

Sport, Sport, Sport

2014-07-30 Jo Longhurst

A Screening Programme of Soviet-Era Cinema and Artist Moving Image

Elem Klimov | Laura Horelli | Jo Longhurst

Kinning Park Complex | 31 July | 7 pm

The first in a series of four events, the ‘Sport, Sport, Sport’ screening programme is structured around three Soviet-era cinema works, all of which feature gymnastics: Elem Klimov’s ‘Sport, Sport, Sport’ [1970] Věra Chytilová’s ‘Something Different’ [1963] and perestroika-era ‘Little Dolls’ [1988] from Isaak Fridberg. Rarely or never seen before in the UK, translated and subtitled especially for the programme and all early-career works, the programme engages with the lack of critical material surrounding these films. This lack is mirrored in the absence of attention to sporting themes in artist moving image, and the programme as a whole draws upon the long-running ties between sport, the body in motion and early experiments in film. Through the juxtaposition of the works, the programme examines the relationship between sport in cinema and artist moving image, and  the influence of this particular period of film-making and its aesthetics in contemporary art.
The title of the programme takes its name from the first of the cinema works to be screened at the Kinning Park event, Elem Klimov’s ‘Sport, Sport, Sport’: a film appropriating documentary footage from the stadiums of Moscow, Philadelphia, Stockholm and Mexico City, laced with allegory and satire. The film will be accompanied by two artist works: ‘You Go Where You’re Sent’ [2003] from Laura Horelli and ‘Present’ [2013] by Jo Longhurst.

Curated by Tiffany Boyle in collaboration with Transmission Gallery and Birkbeck Institute for the Moving Image. Presented with Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow Film Theatre and Gordon Square Cinema.

Presented with Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow Film Theatre and Gordon Square Cinema.
Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, Glasgow, G41 1BA. Directions:

Free Entry, All Welcome

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