Exhbition: Other Spaces

Exhbition: Other Spaces

2016-04-06 Jo Longhurst

New Order 01

Artwork: New Order (Brazil) #1


Other Spaces

A solo exhibition by Jo Longhurst

Titanic Belfast, 3 April - 30 May  2016

Curated by Michael Weir, Belfast Photo

An exploration of the physical and emotional experiences of elite gymnasts through photography, performance and sculptural installation.

The work of the British artist Jo Longhurst makes visible new perspectives on the quest for perfection. Working through active collaboration with her subjects she depicts the passion and determination, as well as the challenges and difficulties facing those who cultivate it. Other Spaces explores the rigors of training and competition to which elite gymnasts subject themselves, and the physical and emotional states they experience along the way. This exhibition explore what is required to produce a perfect performance, gently probing how ideas of perfection shape personal and national identities, as well as social and political systems.

Made in collaboration with British Gymnastics and the International Gymnastics Federation; Gemini Gymnastics Club, Oshawa and Heathrow Gymnastics Club, London.

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