2014-09-29 Bruno Grilo

Amphitheater, 2014, projected image.

Architecture had become connected and disconnected from both society and history, it is an inclusion and allusion – Inclusion of popular taste and allusion to architectural tradition.  Architecture as conceptual art imagined the capitalist city swept clean of commodities and reconciled with nature – But at the cost of a ubiquitous grid that, beautiful in its purity, is monstrous in its totality. Like irony that may be the tool to confront and combine divergent values in architecture for a pluralist society.[1]


[1] Yet, the task of architecture is not only to provide physical shelter, facilitate activities and stimulate sensory pleasure. In addition to being externalisation and extensions of human bodily functions, buildings are also mental extensions and projections; they are externalisation of our imagination, memory and conceptual capacities. (Juhani Pallasmaa, The Embodied Image Imagination and Imagery in Architecture. Chichester : John & Sons ltd, 2011, pg. 119)   


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