2014-09-29 Bruno Grilo

Untitled, 2014, sculpture/installation

The Baroque is inseparable from a new regime of light and colour. But the best inventors of Baroque, the best commentators have their doubts about the consistency of the notion. The Baroque was seen as being restricted to one genre (Architecture), or to an increasingly restrictive determination of periods and places, or yet again to a radical disavowal: The Baroque never existed…

But what all this forms, folds, curves and twisting surfaces refer if not to a notion of Baroque… Combinations of the visible and the legible make up ‘emblems’ or allegories dear to the Baroque sensibility.

Its argue by Deleuze that we have remarked that the Baroque often confines painting to retables, but it does so become the painting exceeds its frame and is realized in polychrome marble sculpture; and sculpture goes beyond itself achieved in architecture; and in turn, architecture discovers a frame in the façade, but the frame itself becomes detached from the inside, and establishes relations with the surrounding so as to realize architecture in city planning.


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