: Anywhere is Everywhere is a Circular Tale

2016-06-30 Dr. Chris A. Wright

"Anywhere is Everywhere is a Circular Tale" was the narrative of a virtual journey that linked the eleven places called Denton in England presenting the 1,026 mile, 21 hours and 57 minute circular journey negotiated via internet-based maps, with 301 steps of detailed instructions. Postcards, photographs and other ephemera from the journey were presented to form a comprehensive retelling of the tale. However, the places have only been visited virtually, the sights are seen through others’ eyes, the descriptions second-hand and the impressions gained only through what is seen on my computer screen. It is a tourist guide that, by way of its virtuality, creates a false reality. A presentation showed images from the journey, which were low quality and taken from other peoples’ web photographs or street map views from google, the symbol of which is present in each image acknowledging its presence. The speed of the presentation meant that places became lost in the moment of viewing time, not experienced as much as a fragile moment created. "Anywhere is Everywhere" is a microcosm of a psychogeographical practice where time and space are conflated to become one. The succession of moments thus has a kind of vertical layering due to the making real of the virtual moment relating to the provenance of the exhibits, the virtual world and the act of viewing.


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